Company Profile

Dyslexia Testing Services is a unique service designed to provide parents, adults and schools with an excellent educational assessment service. Our assessment process is based on that of Dyslexia Action U.K. -

We want to take the pressure off families with children who are unhappy at school because of literacy problems. We also hope to support those adults who struggled through their time at school and who now would like to study or train or improve their workplace performance.

At present we have an office in Brisbane that serves Brisbane and interstate.

Margaret Hardy - Qualifications

  • Certificate in Education
  • Graduate Diploma in Special Education
  • Master of Education
  • Certificate in Teaching Dyslexic Children
  • Member of Commonwealth Government Dyslexia Working Party

Margaret has appropriate qualifications to administer psychometric and academic tests.

Occasionally if a country area has a cluster of clients wanting assessments then travel to the region may be possible but generally assessments are achieved more quickly if clients can get to Brisbane. Adding our travel costs and time onto the assessment fee makes it a very expensive exercise. If you have friends or family near to one of our offices then we are happy to arrange assessments close to holiday times or weekends to reduce time away from school and work.


Our Aim - Happy Children!

We aim to provide an efficient and affordable private assessment service for children from 6 ½ yrs to Yr 12 and for adults who have literacy problems which could be caused by Dyslexia or a Specific Learning Disability.
We want to make sure that your children are happy in their classrooms. How are we different from other Services?

  • There are medical services that identify Dyslexia but provide no educational information for teachers at school.
  • There are psychological assessment services that may identify Dyslexia by giving your child an IQ test.
  • There are some services that are trying to sell you a course or treatment to fix Dyslexia.

Then there is Dyslexia Testing Services. We are an educational service, operated by special education teachers so that our results relate directly to your child's school work, homework and educational environment.

Our reports meet the requirements for the provision of special considerations for:

Support through State, Private and Independent schools in Queensland, NSW and overseas; Queensland Studies Authority; Queensland Core Skills Test; Office of the Board of Studies in NSW; TAFE Colleges; Private Colleges; Universities and Employment.

Our reports have been used by schools and colleges throughout Australia and Overseas.